Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cinnamon roll Cresents

I found this recipe on Pinterest.  It was easy.  It was delicious.   Fortunately, I only used one can of crescent rolls.  They were amazingly addictive.  THEY ARE ALL GONE NOW!!!

Cinnamon Crescent Rolls

1/2 stick of butter, softened
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 1/2 teaspoons of cinnamon
1/4 cup powdered sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1 tablespoon milk

Heat oven to 350*.  Combine the first three things and spread on the 8 crescent roll dough triangles.  Roll them up.  Spread the remaining sugar/cinnamon stuff on top.  Well, I just dropped it on there.  
Bake for about 12-15 minutes or when they are golden.

Combine the glaze stuff and drizzle on top.  Well, I poured it on there.

Maybe that is why they look all flat?  Or could it be because the rolls I used were generic and expired 2 weeks ago?   Shhhhhh!!!  Don't tell the family now!!!  No one IS sick yet! and I don't want any explainable reason why they are all sick with the stomach flu tomorrow either!!!
Next time it will be Pillsbury. I promise.  Isn't that little dough boy guy cute??


Monday, April 23, 2012

American Patriotism


"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands one nation, under God, one and indivisable."

"Honor the Texas Flag.  I pledge allegiance to thee Texas.  One state under God one and indivisable.

In the Texas Elementary & Middle school  classrooms... students are taught to recite both the Texas pledge and the U.S. pledge.  The children will all stand up and place their hands over their heart.  They will all participate.  (Now there is the typical excuse occasionally using religious reasons...but that is rare.)   In a typical Texas High School classroom...someone comes in over the classroom speaker during the 2nd hour and says the pledges just before the morning announcements.  The class for the most part will stand up.  Some of them will place their hands over their heart.  Others will check their iphone for the latest FB status update.  What has happened in our  high schools?  When did saying the Pledge of Allegience become not cool?  When did social pressure become the popular choice?   Are these kids just too cool to actively participate in something that was hard fought for?  Are these kids too ashamed to make a statement for their country?  Or are they just stupid enough to not know the historical facts? 

Yes, the original battles for our freedom happened over 200 years ago.  Obviously, they don't remember that much about the American Revolution and the hardships our people endured to break away from England.   This saddens me. Surely, they remember the story of Paul Revere?  Maybe the story of why the Pilgrims left England?  Do they even know who is on the face of the quarter in their pocket???  Come on isn't George Clooney.   No, most likely...they just think Thanksgiving is about cooking a turkey and napping the afternoon away.

This saddens me when I know that today we have military battalions in other countries protecting so that others can also have freedom and choice.  Should our education system re-teach patriotism in the High School classes?  Quite possibly.  Maybe these kids just don't have the real facts anymore.....I shall call the facts they have "media propaganda."

Our rights for both political & religious freedoms were won many many years ago kids.........  Whether you call your self a Democrat, Republican, Baptist, Methodist or Athiest...   People died so that you can enjoy your life and have the opportunity for choices.   Don't take anything for granted.  Freedom and Choice are two of the greatest opportunites we have in the United States.

Come on Kids...........  Honor the people who died for you.  Honor your country.  Honor the Flag with some respect for what is symbolizes......  FREEDOM.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Seriously Good Banana Pudding.......

Hungry Yet????
Well you should be needing a snack about now if you are checking out my little blog and seeing this picture.  

My husband has a fondness for banana pudding.  You know...the good stuff made with a recipe and with a layer of meringue sitting on top.  If you are thinking that it seems too time consuming for you to do, wait, here is my little secret.............I now give the recipe to my daughter and tell her to get busy!!!   And yes, her reward includes washing the dishes too.  Seriously...isn't it my job as the parent to teach her some life skills?    He wants pudding.  She wants to bake......and I don't want to do the dishes.  It is a win-win for all at our house.

I didn't create this recipe.  I found it in a Southern Living Magazine several years ago.  I did add one tiny tweak to the recipe.  Please make this!  Please make this when you have family in town and want to impress them with your culinary skills.  

Banana Pudding

2/3 cup sugar
1/4 cup flour
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon (optional, for you non-cinnamon people)
1 can of sweetened condensed milk
2 1/2 cups milk
4 large eggs, separated and at room temperature
2 T. Vanilla
1 box of vanilla wafers
3 large ripe bananas
1/3 cup sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

Combine the first 3 ingredients.  Stir together the milks and egg yolks.  Whisk into the dry stuff.  Cook over medium heat until it is smooth and thickened.  Please whisk constantly!  (I have one of those silicone gravy whisks from pampered chef.  It really does a good job with this task...again, I make the girl child do this.)  Remove from heat when thickened and add the vanilla.

Arrange wafers in the bottom of a glass baking dish.  Slice about 3 bananas on top.  I like them kinda thin.  Pour the pudding over this.  
Arrange more wafers along the sides of the dish.  You can add another layer of wafers on top of the pudding if you wish.  

Beat the egg whites until foamy.  Add 1/3 cup of sugar, slowly.  Beat until stiff and fold in the rest of the vanilla.  Gently spread it on top and try to spread it around until it touches the sides of the wafers.
(You could sprinkle a little crystal turbino sugar on top here and get some bling!)

Bake @ 325 for about 25 minutes or until golden.

*Sometimes I add an extra egg white.  It all depends on the size of the eggs I have.


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cell Phones and Manners

I am stepping up to my pedestal now and admitting that  I am totally sick of cell phone abuse.  Now, I understand they have their benefits.  I understand that anyone can get in touch with me at any given time which we all know can either be a good thing or a bad thing.   I like that I can easily be found in a given emergency.  I also like the convenience of being  able to quickly send off a message to my family and text a funny picture to someone when I think of them.   They are small little pieces of technology which I am grateful for.   BUT..............

Is there anyone in this world who just misses the simple world we used to have?  Is there anyone who misses a time when we just knew when to be home?  A time when the word "curfew" had meaning.  A time when the car conversation started with words instead of the clicking silence from the back seat.   A few minutes of conversation WITH the kids/teens in the back seat........  wait?  Would someone please remind me of this concept?   Now, I am all about answering a simple text....sometimes that is all you need to say to a friend.  What I have noticed  is full-blown texting conversations to the point of rudeness with the rest of the world.  And seriously, why is talking/texting to the person on the other end more important than the friend right beside you?  Teens, stop trying to bond with the people who aren't by your side.........Take a look and see who came to spend time with you.

I am also sick of walking around the mall and seeing some person in a full conversation...with what looks like themselves!   Is there anyone in this world who hasn't thought..."this person looks crazy!"   Doesn't he have somewhere else to go?  An office?  His car?  Home?  DUDE, STAY AWAY FROM THE MALL!  You aren't nearly as important as you think you are.  I PROMISE!   

Do we really want to listen to his conversation?

So, my challenge to you is TURN IT OFF!  Stop the cell phone abuse.  Do something that requires words with friends in the same room.  Do something as a family.....Dinner and real conversation.  Yes, I know that might sound a little crazy...just try it.  Family Time should be best time of the day.  I promise!  And above all else.....  go to the mall and ignore your phone NOT your friends and family.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Disease and a Good Reason to Vacation.

Even though the word disease is mighty is the only word  available in my mind.   Every good friend I have knows that I am slightly OCD.   My husband figured this out several years ago when he bought the first quarter collector folder.   Yes, I think all those shiny quarters with the different etchings on the back are pretty cool.  Yes, I am still doing it.  And YES, I am in need of most anything 2009 and later that has been minted in Philadelphia.   Anyone willing to help here???

(btw...this one is really special...I think it was either minted in San Francisco or it is Silver.  Either way...I have 1 of them.)

Later on, he found out that I was quietly stocking scrapbook paper.  Yes, I now have a small store inside my office closet.  Some have called me "A Paper Whore"....   Yes,  L.B.  you know I am talking about you  now.  And Yes, L.B. you have some collective issues too.  So please don't be calling me any names.......!

Most recently,  I found a Yellow Fiesta Ware bowl at the Local Thrift Shop.  (.75 cents!!!)   I am now hooked and in love.   I want one in every color.  I bought a turquoise one at Kohl's a few weeks ago with one of those Kohl's Cash coupons.   They are priced on sale for about 18.00 a piece.  I am now dreaming of those coupons.............  I have a new one that is good for next week!!!   Can you take a guess what I am going to do on Wednesday???  These bowls are perfect for opening a can of green beans  and having it look like I really care about dinner.  We all know that canned green beans just doesn't look too appetizing and need all the help they can get.  I currently own the pale yellow, red, cobalt & turquoise bowls.  I want the grass color....I really need the grass color.  Wait.... I want the orange one too.  I really need the orange one....Anyone?

This brings me to another NEW serious obsession......smashed pennies.  Just do a google search for them.  There is a whole culture of people who travel the world and buy them.  I am not sure just how serious I am about them.......BUT, I do remember as a kid seeing them a few times and thinking my parents wouldn't spring for the coins to buy them.  I was too chicken to ask for 51 cents.   I have always thought of them as cool.  Why???  I am not sure.  That totally brings me back to the OCD issue.  I need something to blame this insanity on.  I don't think I am the type to travel the globe for that specific purpose...but I might drive across town.

Find a Penny. Pick it up and all day you will have good luck.

I think what I am saying is........go on a vacation  and buy your kids some of those smashed elongated pennies...they are super cool, super cheap and have the potential to last longer than a cheap crappy t-shirt.   My bonus idea is.............YOU CAN SELL THEM ON EBAY or at least have something fun to look at while you are remembering some really fun times.  Either are only out 51 cents.

So now...this brings me back to what I need...since I have recently started building this obsession collection.  If any of you are heading out on vacation.....  I have a wish list full of places I have been and would love the corresponding pennies.  Anyone?