Thursday, September 19, 2013

My latest project

  I have been wanting to find a large frame and customize it with a chalkboard.  
All summer, I  hit up several local thrift stores and several yard sales and found nothing acceptable at the price of almost "free".  Yea, does any of you feel my pain here?

Last week, at my favorite thrift store.......this little gem was just sitting there.  The price on it was $9.99. I did a double take and questioned the guy walking around.  It has a couple of dings on the top.  For a chalkboard in my kitchen.....I call it purposely distressed. 

The hubby cut a piece of masonite to size and decided to be a nice guy and paint as well.  He knows that I hate using a paint brush.  My preferred paint method is spray paint.  Yea, I am that lazy.

This is the finished frame and the new kitchen wall color.  He painted that too.

Next..........  I want to find a new kitchen table & chairs.  Well, maybe that and cross something off the bucket list.  Apple Pie?

Sunday, September 8, 2013


Yesterday, the above picture was taken.  She still looks like that.  So do I.

This gave us a giggle when she was in the 1st grade.  
1st grade cutie


She can't bring him chocolate.  He is allergic.

Her Daddy said "Yes, you can marry my daughter!"

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Give this girl a can of spray paint & she can change the world.

Yesterday, I took pictures of a really ugly silver lamp.  I knew it had potential when it was purchased.  I had been keeping the lamp hidden in a closet upstairs until the exact idea came to mind.

They were decent pictures of an ugly lamp.   I saw them on the LED panel of my camera.  This morning when I tried to upload them ...they weren't there.  Neither was the flash card.  I hate it when this happens.

always here to help........

This is what I used.  It was about 6 dollars at Home Depot.   It was both paint & primer.  Nice.

So you get the finished product pictures instead.  Trust me......the silver finish was never a good idea.  I bought the lamp at one of my favorite stores for something less that 7 dollars.  I really don't remember the exact price.

Next......Trying my hand at repairing this webbing.  Maybe a little spray paint too.