Thursday, February 13, 2014


As a former resident of Arkansas,  I grew up with Walmart.  I understand the place.  I understand it's philosophy.

But that being said, there are ways to shop at Walmart and save even more money.   The above grocery list was made by my friend, K.B.  I consider her the local queen of saving a buck or two around town.  The list is store specific and each number represents an aisle.  I simply print off the sheet and write down what I need.   Easy Peasy.   This list gives no man an excuse for not being able to find what is written down.  Again, easy peasy.  I will even tell him to look for "Great Value" brands.  It takes the guess work out of finding that name brand stuff.

Each week,  K.B.  compiles a list of where the best local price is and sends it out via email to all her local peeps.   WalMart has a price match guarantee and will always honor the lowest price.  After that, grab those coupons and watch the savings begin.  It is always magical to see that price drop.    Read this.  Know your stuff.  Print it off and be prepared to educate your local store.

Wal-Mart policy states that the original sales ad does not need to be shown.  All you need to do is tell them the price & corresponding store.   K.B. has it down to an art.  She uses colored stickers where she writes the new price on the sticker followed by store initials.  To help the cashier out.....she places all the stickered items face up on the belt at the end.  She also looks for her favorite cashier.    Rumor has it she has been known to bring them a treat during the holidays.   (NOTE THIS PLEASE:  it is important to make friends with the people who work at your favorite stores.  They will appreciate you & give you better service.  Retail workers are like that.)  

K.B. also recommends getting on the email list from your favorite restaurants.   Many of them send out special savings weekly.  Some of the ones I recommend are  Cinemark,  RedBox, Chili's,  Pei Wei & Starbucks.   If you don't like all those emails cluttering your inbox...grab yourself a specific email account just for this purpose.

I love getting her email.  She even throws in a scripture or two.   It brightens my week.  Thanks, K.B.!!

If you are one of my local friends and want a copy of the WalMart store list or on K.B.'s list........  you know how to contact me.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Saturday night.

While driving home late Saturday evening we saw this posted on the side of the road.  It was somewhere on the west side of Ft. Worth.

I am not sure about the rest of the world....   But I am picky about where I pay my bill.