Monday, December 28, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015 Friends!

Wowshers!!!  Friends, what a whirlwind of a year it has been!   We have been busy with life.  It happens folks.   Often, it sucks.  Yea,  I can't even lie about that.  However, my typical "sucky" day is to folks in third world countries.......a dang good day.    

I am not here to brag about anything fabulous that has occurred with the family.   We have not taken any vacation to a foreign country and snorkeled in the sea with dolphins.  Nor have I won the lottery.  I suppose I would need to purchase a ticket first.   About the most exciting thing to occur this past year was having the grey cave break down on Preston Road on a cold rainy evening at 5 PM.  It required a police officer and random strangers to push it across the intersection.    We donated the grey cave that evening and purchased a Toyota Camry the next day.

Late December of 2014, we were able to watch our oldest daughter walk down the aisle to marry her best friend.   It was inspiring and life-changing.   Her father said he didn't shed a tear.   (That's his story.)   I am pretty sure there was a drop or two from someone....other than me.   Anyway, Courtney & Rick are doing well.   They moved out of their cave-like loft and are currently enjoying a corner apartment complete with a tiny yard for their feisty French Bulldog, Winston.    Tramp has learned to tolerate him.    She will finish her undergraduate degree this spring and they have plans to move to Alabama for her to finish her law degree.    They have both promised me that Alabama is a temporary move & grandchildren will not be raised there.   She is still a part-time barrister with a local Starbucks and Rick is currently working at JC Penney's in their theft-prevention department.

Meagann is currently attending Collin College pursuing her undergraduate degree in Math.    She works for SouthLake Carroll as a color guard tech and performs locally with CGT Dallas. She spent the summer of 2015 performing again with the Blue Stars and traveled across the United States attending dozens of DCI shows performing their program entitled "SideShow".  It was a good summer for her.   Me, I missed her terribly.   Clay did too......  He just didn't admit it too often.  She has auditioned for their summer 2016 show and will be a part of that on their weapons line.   If any of you happen to catch a DCI show next summer.....give her a shout out!!  (You could also spot her a couple of quarters and a hug from me!)  I hope to put in some volunteer time with them next summer....on the swamp tour.

Clay is a Sophomore at Wakeland High.   He is still playing the mellophone & french horn.  This fall they performed their show "Forever".   It was simply stunning to see him and his friends march something this intricate weekly and still maintain excellent grades.  Well, passing grades.   We are exceedingly proud that all our children have had the opportunity to pursue excellence at Wakeland.   Clay's next goal is to finish up his driver's education and obtain a license.   He will resume umpiring in the spring.

Just as 2014 ended, I was hired by FISD as an para-professional aide in a SLC classroom.  I spent the day with autistic children.   It was simply amazing to work with these children and to experience their success at any level.   These kids are fun!    They can really show you what it means to be successful and have a good time!   In late July, I was re-hired again at the same campus.   I am now a head-start pre-kinder teacher.     Let me just say here..........   A lot has changed educationally in the past 15 years.   I missed a lot.   Computers & technology are just starting points to the changes.     What hasn't changed for me is the love of the children.    I absolutely love building the relationships with my classroom students.   I really love to see them grow and figure out what they need to learn.

About a month after I signed the contract, Greg accepted a position with ADP.    He is enjoying learning the different dynamics of their company.   However, he isn't enjoying the 45 minute commute to downtown Dallas.  Be prayerful friends that his position can be improved with a work from home status in the upcoming months.  We are spending a ton of money on the DNT.   It just stinks.

As I have said earlier,   Merry Christmas friends!   I wish the best for you in 2016.   If you are ever in the Dallas metroplex, don't hesitate to call or text.   We can meet up and enjoy catching up on good times.   I can show you where I shop and where to find the best queso in town.

Until then.........   Love & Hugs!     The Ginger Family

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Gingerbread Playdough!!!

I made this stuff last week for my classroom!   The kids loved it!  It smelled yummy!  (It looked questionable!)    When I added the spices...  I made sure it was a rounded off.  I wanted it to smell extra yummy!

Here are my little Ginger babies!   This was taken in December 2000!  Wow, time has flown!