Sunday, March 5, 2017

Candy Treats...

This post is something I started back in the winter time and just didn't get around to completing and posting.  Yes, I gave this stuff away as christmas gifts.  However, gift giving can be anytime!   Either one would make a fabulous teacher or house-warming gift!

The crock pot recipe is from a former Frisco co-worker.     Thank you LB!!!!  This particular recipe is incredible easy and makes way more than you can imagine.   I used the tiny muffin liners from Dollar Tree.  The candy sprinkles make it look particularly festive!!!!

This stuff can't get any easier!   Drop it in the crock pot and turn it on!  

The hubs friend and co-worker, PV,  made this next one for an office staff party.  He couldn't stop eating it.  Thank goodness she gave me the recipe.   This toffee is simply amazing!   Watch it close and look for the caramel color.  Not all microwaves are the same for cooking times!  Enjoy!!!

Easy Microwave Toffee
3/4 - 1 cup chopped pecans
1/2 cup butter
1 cup white sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 cup wter
1 bag milk chocolate chips

Grease or spray a 9 inch circle on a lined cookie sheet or aluminum foil.
Spread the pecans over this!
Spray the glass batter bowl with canola oil as well.
Add the butter, sugar, salt & water to bowl.
Microwave this for about 9 - 11 minutes or until it is a light caramel brown color.

Pour over pecans.  
Lay the chocolate chips over the top of the toffee and spread after about a minute.
Shake a very small amount of sea salt over this!!!

I used a small tin from Dollar Tree  and lined it with a cute doily!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Merry Christmas from our house to yours!!!

Yes,  I had to do it!    The ugly pajamas were calling my name.    I planned this card all year and it makes me so happy!   And yet, I didn't get the opportunity to send it.    I had all sorts of good intentions.      Here is the latest information on our clan.     

During June of  last summer, our oldest and her husband moved to Birmingham, Alabama.  She was admitted into school at Samford University in the Cumberland School of Law.  She is currently in the top 15% of her class and will soon be running the world.   Courtney is loving her life right now.  Rick is currently working with JC Penney's in their theft prevention department and has gotten a recent promotion over several stores.  Don't ask me what he does...but he seems happy doing it.  Greg & I are thrilled that life is going well for them.    Last week, they were forced into buying a new car because of his travels and found a 2006 Toyota Corolla with 30,000 miles.   It was an epic grandma car score for them!!!

Meagann enrolled into NMSU this month and is doing well.   Transitioning here to EP has been the most difficult for her but she is looking forward to the summer when she resumes marching with the Blue Stars Drum and Bugle Core.  She is still a part of their leadership team and this summer they will be performing a version of Hamilton.   This one should be amazing!!!

Greg is now employed by Mesilla Valley Transportation.   MVT is a conglomerate of several companies.  Don't ask me what they are.  I can't remember them all.  However, he is the HR man for all of them and is loving how the company is re-shaping for the future.

On the first day we arrived here  in EP,  I walked into the local high school to finish registration for our youngest child, Clay.    He was ready to start summer band camp.  He has acclimated nicely here and now has a whole new posse of friends.    That same day, I walked out with a job.   It was pretty exciting for me.    Fortunately, because of all my certifications...... special education teachers are hard to find... and there I was!    I am loving being in the high school environment and I can say that I never knew how much I would love it.   Go figure!!!  There is a huge possibility that I will soon begin the process of adding to my certifications and get a bigger degree.    Please pray for decisiveness and discernment... and maybe clarity as to when or if I begin this huge step.    The Lord works in mysterious ways and there is always a good reason for what he does.    I can say that several times during the past few years.....  I have questioned and been angry a few times at him.    At this point, I will never doubt his will again.     Moving here was a good thing for our family.   

Our desire is to move out of this rental this summer and with that get a permanent next year......Christmas Cards will happen.   Finally, no excuses!  Right?    

I can't end this on a Merry Christmas but I can wish all of you a good day/month/year.   

All our love............