Partners in Crime Photography

So as most of you know I dabble in photography and give my time away to friends if they want some good Christmas card pics or whatever.  I do it because I enjoy my hobby and love spending time with friends...even if they are only using me for my camera.  (HAHA!)

That being said...I have finally decided to name my small philanthropy.  Yes, it is called "Partners in Crime Photography"  the acronym would be PIC Photos.   Not very catchy......but maybe unique.  ???  The Partner's in Crime words come from something my friend L.P. & I would call ourselves when we took those class pics for our children at school.  I like the "crime" word simply because I think it is a crime spending too much money on pictures that you really won't want hanging on your walls indefinitely.   Now, I am all about spending money on getting a good photographer occasionally.......aka...weddings.  Maybe the occasionally beach family picture  (HINT. HINT.)   But other than that.....  Go use a friend.

Here are a few that I have taken for friends which I LOVE.....

The G. Man.....  I could just hold this baby forever....  Smooches!

This is a more recent pic of the G. Man......That kid is a knock-out!

my of the Sr. Pics we didn't choose to use.  I don't know why I like it...I just do.

there are more to add to this.......I have to run for now.   Now...Smile and Snap On my friends!