Where in the world is G.G.?

THis page will be the be the beginning of a game.  This game will be like playing "Where's Waldo?" But my character is way cuter and definitely has a more manly sense of fashion.  So, fellow blog followers?  Where in the world is G.G.?

Picture one.....Six Flags in Arlington.
Picture Two.....Vegas Airport
Picture Three.....Scottsdale Arizona

Christmas 2010

San Diego Zoo May 2011
Crested Butte, CO    March 2007
San Diego Zoo, May 2011
Mesa Verde National Park July 2010
Like Father...Like Son.  Silverton, Colorado July 2010

Ft. Worth Zoo 9/2011

Kindergarten...This proves that apples really don't fall far from trees!

Mr. C.G. wants to be just like his Daddy....baby, Mama is so proud!

Christmas 2008

SMS Spring Dance Chaperone
March 2, 2012

He was wanting to update his profile pic for linked in.....
This one says.......  I am in HR and I don't have time for your monkey business.