Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11....... a decade later.

10 years ago today...  I was walking home from the local elementary school.   I had left them in the arms of a safe world as I knew it.  I was walking home to wake up my baby and enjoy a typical Tuesday morning with him.  True, a Tuesday morning filled with laundry and the general load of stuff that all stay-at home moms truly loathe.  Nonetheless, it was a Tuesday.

We all know what I saw the minute I walked into the door.  The shock as I saw how a simple 20 minutes can change a persons world.  I remember thinking that it must have been a huge pilot error.  I remember how that thought changed the minute I saw the second plane crash into the other tower.  
To the best of my knowledge......prayers started going throu' my mind.  Prayers for the people running in fear and shock.  Prayers for the people already dead.  Prayers for the families.  Prayers for our Nation that was already in a state of shock and numbness.  Then there were the prayers for my family...knowing that all were safe at school and work.  I felt a general sad-ness that day knowing some families weren't so lucky.

Since then, I have been blessed to visit NYC 3 times.  Yeah, I am a lucky girl.   But not in the sense the you may be thinking.......I am lucky to have most about anything I want and need.  I am lucky to have amazing children.  I am lucky to have a great husband.  All of whom I love unconditionally.  All of whom are in good health and have strong values and commitments to the Lord above.

Many people say that Christ wasn't around when those two tower fell.   I disagree here.  The above cross was found in the carnage as they removed debris from ground zero.   Christ was there.  If those 2 plane had hit the towers just an hour later.......  most of the workers would have been in their offices.  Most of the morning traffic would have been going strong.  The casualty list would have more that doubled.  Christ was there.  He protected so much more than was lost.  He was there within the hearts of families and fellow Americans who stepped up and gave anything and everything they had to help with our grieving nation.  Christ was there and I seek comfort in that.  

I am a lucky girl.  

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