Friday, May 31, 2013

My son, the Superhero.

My youngest, C.G. needed an original superhero costume for a DNOW weekend at church.  He didn't have a clue what he wanted to be.  He is 13.  I can't fault him for that.....when you are cute the options are endless.  We went with what  could be made using my limited sewing skills. 

The idea is get 2  large t-shirts at the thrift shop.  Wash them!  I bought a red & a purple.  Cut them exactly the same size on the back side of the shirt and leave the neck hole open.  DO NOT CUT THE NECKHOLE apart!!  Flip it over so it is inside out and sew the two shirt sides together.  I didn't sew the bottom.  It was already finished and I didn't want to bother.  Turn them right side out, iron and then sew a line of topstitching along the outer edge of the folded seam.   I cut the large yellow sun shape out of yellow broadcloth and backed it with the iron-able wonder under.  After that,  I again topstitched the edges down and ironed on the "STASHE".  
That's it.  EASY PEASY!
The "Stache" was found at Hobby Lobby with all the other iron on decals and letters.

The big boy...... that would be R.S.  He is my oldest daughter's "SPECIAL FRIEND".   We like him.  

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