Saturday, September 7, 2013

Give this girl a can of spray paint & she can change the world.

Yesterday, I took pictures of a really ugly silver lamp.  I knew it had potential when it was purchased.  I had been keeping the lamp hidden in a closet upstairs until the exact idea came to mind.

They were decent pictures of an ugly lamp.   I saw them on the LED panel of my camera.  This morning when I tried to upload them ...they weren't there.  Neither was the flash card.  I hate it when this happens.

always here to help........

This is what I used.  It was about 6 dollars at Home Depot.   It was both paint & primer.  Nice.

So you get the finished product pictures instead.  Trust me......the silver finish was never a good idea.  I bought the lamp at one of my favorite stores for something less that 7 dollars.  I really don't remember the exact price.

Next......Trying my hand at repairing this webbing.  Maybe a little spray paint too.

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