Saturday, August 1, 2015

God's Little Silver Platter

As most of you know,  I have been working at a school here in Frisco that I love.   How I got the job is quite the story.    I  told a friend that I had always loved that campus and just couldn't seem to ever get a job there.  It seemed elusive to me and I even had classroom experience!  She told her principal about me and magically I was hired a week later.   Yes,  it wasn't as a teacher in my own classroom.......but it was in a classroom as a para-professional at the same campus I had been drooling over for several years.   HAPPY!   God really opened that door for me!!!  Gotta love that!!!

SO,   I have been working there since December 2014 and loving every day of it.  The location, the people...both adults & children.   LOVE!!! LOVE!!!! LOVE!!!!!

In May, I was sitting at a table with teacher friends relaxing after a band banquet.    One was the person who told me and referred me for the job I currently had.  The other was teacher at another campus.   She asked me how I liked my job and if I had ever considered returning to the classroom and be the lead teacher.   I told her yes...but really didn't want to just throw out my resume anywhere and that I really wanted to obtain "God's Silver Platter".    I needed to feel that assuredly it was the place for me.   I felt I was too old to be somewhere that wasn't a good fit.

SO.......her next words were "I may have that silver platter."    "Send me your resume."  

In fairness,  I told my principal that I was interviewing for a job at another campus.  I also told her that my first choice is ECS but due to current living circumstances......   I planned to interview if/when they called.  I needed a big girl salary and responsibilities.

This really felt like my platter.   I quickly figured out that I personally knew the counselor and principal on her campus.  Life was really looking up and there were 3 open classrooms.    It doesn't sound much better than that.  Right?    There were open classes in K, 4 & 5.   I would love any of them...especially K.   It felt right.    As we all know now...........  
They just didn't see my sparkling personality!!!!!

It bothered me for about a day.  Then it hit me.......   God doesn't want me there.  Ok, I still love my current job and am quite content at this time.   I am content.   


A week or so went by & in early June,  I found out that a teacher on my campus had plans to quit at a latter part of the summer.   I emailed my principal and asked it I could be considered for that classroom.   It couldn't hurt, right?   Absolutely,  if God wanted me to have that classroom.....   It would be mine and on a silver platter.   I was content to just put my name out there.  

A month or so flew past and on July 20......  I noticed an email from my principal.    About 15 minutes passed and about 4 emails later.............. at 12:45 that afternoon.   I went into training the very next day.   I FINALLY RECEIVED MY SILVER PLATTER.  I had the classroom of my dreams.  I had the campus of my dreams.  

God provided that job on a silver platter!!!!!  

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