Thursday, May 31, 2012

RIce Krispie Treats...or Cooking 101 with CG.

Well, it is like this........... My baby girl, Miss C.G. is growing up fast, too fast.  I often think I have failed as her mother.  That child can barely make toast.  Well, actually the toaster is her preferred cooking appliance.  She can make waffles and toaster strudel.   Gourmet to her is spreading peanut butter on  toast.  I can't judge on that.  I like PB on just about anything too.   I think I taught her this trick.  My baby girl can read though.......I harbor thoughts that someday she will be able to make ramen noodles.  Isn't there a recipe on the package?

yes....unknowingly she posed for this!

Off of that subject for a minute.....

Now that I have your attention....Lets make Rice Krispie Treats.  Seriously, these are so much better that the pre-packaged ones.  Warning though......SERIOUSLY ADDICTING!  In their defense.....these are so much better than they are in a bowl with milk.  This recipe isn't on the box of cereal or the bag of marshmallows.  These are better.  I promise!!!  And there isn't any measuring involved!!!  SCORE! girl.  This is super easy.........  You will need all of the stuff you see in this picture.  (I usually use the store brand marshmallow creme.  The store was out of it the day I went shopping.)

Open the butter and the marshmallows and the creme.  Put it all in a really large pan.  Heat it to melting on LOW.  You will need to stir  often here.   You really don't want this to scorch and burn.

It will look like this picture you see here......all melted and yummy.  

I don't want to mess you up too much here....but this is the time you can add a capful of vanilla.  It is the stuff in the bottle in the above picture.  Stir it all around with the melted marshmallows.

After you stir it for a second or is time to open the rice krispies and dump the entire box into the marshmallow stuff.   (If you were measuring would be about 8 cups.)   Stir really well and if you want to get a little CRAZY...then pour in some sprinkles.  Your friends will be amazed at your creativity now!!!!

Now, spray a GLASS baking dish with cooking spray and butter up your fingers.  Spread the stuff all around in the dish and mush it together.  You can eat it when it is cooled.

NOW go and impress your friends.   Good Job Miss C.G.!!!  Mommy is proud of you!!

Seriously, use a glass  casserole dish.  If you use a metal cake pan then the treats will taste like metal.  YUCK!

p.s....there are no knives involved with making these treats.  You should be good here.  Ask someone else to cut them from the pan please.

p.p.s.....Another fun option for these include a handful of mini chocolate chips mixed in with the cereal.

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