Thursday, June 7, 2012


I saw the cutest little poster on Pinterest today and knew I could make it.  This baby will go upstairs in the man cave.  I want to find a frame at the thrift shop to bang around, distress and paint black-ish-brown.  So....tell me what you think?  
Should I go ahead & posterize it at Costco?  
Should I go ahead & find the frame?  
Should the coffee stains be lighter & more like watermarks?  
Should the watermarks in the second one be darker?  
Should I just leave it without the coffee & watermarks?  
Should I grunge the background paper more?
Should the background be plain white? 

Maybe I should let the "man child" decide which one he likes?  Who am I kidding here?  
He won't be able to tell the difference & I'll do whatever I want anyway.
Awwww...Decisions Decisions.  My brain is spinning too fast...I need some caffeine soon.

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