Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New Pizza Dough!!!

I want to thank my BFF for this recipe. She gave me this recipe.  At least, I choose to think of her as giving it to me.  I found it on page 109 inside her original cookbook and honestly, she doesn't know that we are BFF's yet.  She will someday.  Her name is Ree Drummond.    So....  I can't claim the fame.  I just made the dough.   I did put together this recipe card though!  Are you impressed?  I didn't think so.....Just please be kind and let me think you are impressed.

This was really yummy & amazingly easy!  Enjoy it!  If you want to get all kinds of crazy...make some of my homemade pizza sauce and shred your own cheese.   We like to mixing up the cheeses to get a more gourmet pizza flavor.

It also makes a pretty good calzone too!

This is her original book.

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