Friday, November 15, 2013

Pumpkin Bread - with or without cranberries & pecans

Today I received a threatening text from RB, the Cajun.   She mentioned visiting my BFF's blog more frequently if I didn't change my latest post and remove the cranberries.  Apparantly, cranberries are offensive to the Cajun.  Who knew?   I believe Ree won't notice the new Cajun from LA when she hasn't even noticed the Redneck Texan yet.

This post was up next on the old blogging block.   R.B. can skip the cranberries.

My son, CG, begs for this!  He absolutely loves pumpkin bread.  He loves it even more with fresh cranberries.  I make it for him year round.  During the summer……  I just leave out the cranberries.  It is too difficult to find them during the summer and craisins just aren't a good substitute.

PS….  Watch the baking time with fresh cranberries.  I tend to bake it a bit longer with them.

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