Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Card 2013

Find your blessings friends……whether that be a small piece of quiet or a jumble of activities and a sandwich.  Find it.  Find your place to belong.  Find and acknowledge your blessings.  Don't take anything for granted for you can't predict tomorrow.

Those kids below are mine.  I am blessed.  They give me giggles and frustration.  Fortunately, not always within the same minute.  They give good hugs.  They hardly ever give me a decent picture without a bribe or threat.  They are loved immensely and life wouldn't be complete without them.  I would like a decent picture occasionally though…  PLEASE?

Merry Christmas,  kids…………..  Enjoy family time together.  Enjoy your time!

(tomorrow you will be doing chores…!)

Love,  Mom

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