Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Christmas Bucket List…Thrift Shoppe Mom Style.

If Buddy the Elf has a Christmas Bucket List...then I deserve one too?  Right?  I thought so.
Where should I begin?  There are so many options available.

Do I do one that is Dallas Specific?  
How about one that is all-inclusive and available only if I am the next lottery winner?
   (a girl has to dream!)
What about a generic one?   You know..the one that includes wishing for world peace & gingerbread villages.

There are too many decisions here..... I will start with Dallas.

1.  Drive around downtown Dallas at night and enjoy the night lights.
2.  Six Flags Holiday in the Park & drink hot chocolate.
3.  PrestonWood Christmas Nativity Show & drink hot tea.
4.  Michael W. Smith with the DSO.
5.  Family Pics with a Photographer at the Arboreutum.... on a Christmas Card.
6.  Christmas Eve Dinner at the Melting Pot or at Turtle Creek…with hot cider.
7.  Christmas Day Dinner...Catered by La Hacienda.  Drink Hot Chocolate!
8.  Family tree decorating complete with hot chocolate & Christmas music
9.  Ice skating at the Galleria & drink hot tea.
10. Tour the Gaylord ICE exhibit & drink hot chocolate.
11.  Watching Elf &Christmas Vacation on Christmas Day…& drink hot chocolate.
12.  Bake a gingerbread house & snuggle & drink hot chocolate.

Ok then....That was Easy.  Lets pretend that money isn't an option.

1.  A trip to NYC to see the lights and to ice skate around Rockefeller Plaza
3.  Family Christmas pictures taken on a beach during the week of Christmas
4.  Michael Buble, Michael W Smith & Straight No Chaser during the month of December.  Who wants to go with me?  Yes, we will drink hot cider!
5.  Shopping the Neiman's Christmas Gift List.  Start making your list friends.
6.  New Years Day in Sydney, Australia.  Yes, the private jet was summoned
7.  Hiring a light service to decorate our house & street  "Gingerbread Style" for the holiday.
8.  Driving in a limo all night looking at the lights.  Bringing Friends. Drinking.
9.  Gifting with Oprah's favorite things & drinking………….
10. Doing whatever I want……..Whenever & Where ever I want…while drinking hot chocolate.
11.  Visiting Bethlehem with the family & drink hot chocolate.
12.  Michael Kors, Vera Wang &  Jimmy Choo for my girls.
13.  A privately planned wedding for C.G. & R.S. in England.   No expenses shall be spared.
14.  Live-in housekeeper & private chef…who makes hot chocolate.
15.  Give college scholarships to all my friends children….and drink hot chocolate.

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  1. In a hot chocolate and tea kind of mood with all of the cold weather are we? I'm on the jet with you for all of your adventures friend!