Monday, January 20, 2014

Gaming.. my thoughts.

Someone asked me recently how I felt about video games.   I have been known to play a few of them.  I love playing Candy Crush.  It gives me a minute of brain-crushing distraction.     

Video games can be fun.  They can be somewhat entertaining.  The complexity of what can be done with a digital format is mind-boggling & I  enjoy seeing the graphics.

I don't, however, support gaming to the point of doing anything else.   There are so many other things we can be doing....reading, exercising,  praying,  seeking God's word,  finding a new hobby......   maybe cooking a fancy new dish?,  quality time with the family or friends.    Gaming can be a huge distraction to our regular lives.   Gaming shouldn't ever be our lives.   It is in the same category as continuous texting........ learn to communicate verbally.  It is a good thing.
Gaming shouldn't take precedence over the real world.  EVER.  Enough said.  

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  1. Agreed! This is the one thing I can say does not affect our household terribly. Seriously, the one and only.