Thursday, January 30, 2014

Integrity & the Mean GIRLS

We have been discussing integrity at our house this week.   Mean girls lack integrity.

I was reminded of a couple of girls from high school.     I can't call them I will refer to them as D&B.   They constantly gave me their "stink-eye" and were always rude.   They were never nice nor did they treat me like a human in the same room.  To this day.........  I've tried to forgive and add them on FB as a friend.   We live in different parts of the United States.  They never accepted my request.   Forgiveness is their loss now.  Am I hurt?  NO.  Do I care?  NO.     D&B don't have integrity.   STILL.

Did I mention there were only 13 girls in my graduating class?  Maybe it was 12.  I can't remember.

I find people like that amusing.  Why do they bother?  What makes them tick?   I think it stems from a lack of self-esteem and jealousy.   We could blame their parents  for giving them too much attention and never punishing for their misbehavior.  Maybe they haven't gotten enough positive attention or guidance.  Again, the parents fault.  Either way, the world continually suffers from their issues.

I  (hopefully!) have raised my girls to have integrity.  I want them to ignore the "mean girls" and not give them any glory or attention to the given behavior.    Yes, be as nice as you possibly can.    Keep it honest, real & upfront.  Keep yourself away from their useless drama.  

My moral of this story......  Mean girls will always be that.  MEAN.  The rest of us grow up.

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