Wednesday, April 16, 2014

People Watching at the Mall…..

It all started the day I parked my car and found this strange soul sitting on the ground near Nordstroms.  I can't be sure what she was exactly doing.   It was odd how she was looking at her leg and occasionally leaning against that car.  She must have been braiding that hair on her leg.  Trust me, I locked the van and ran into the mall.

The mall offers many opportunities for people watching.  I have decided that there are many who just haven't evolved into the human race.  Note the above picture.

Later that day……  I was hoping to try on clothing in one of my favorite department stores.  This is what I found in the dressing room.  Seriously? It left me speechless.

While I was no means upset with the staff.  They were having a difficult time policing the place to keep it tidy and up to standard neatness on the floor.  It really isn't their fault that most shoppers are slobs and don't care about all the extra work they cause the world around them.  

It led me to wonder….what kind of person would do this?  Honestly, the people working are not hired to be personal maids/slaves.  They are hired to help you find a good outfit and put it together.  Their job includes putting things in order and returning the  items back to the correct location on the floor.  

Please do the rest of us shoppers a favor and put your things on the "go-back" rack.  It would also be nice to not tie your shirts in knots and  leave them inside-out.   It kinda destroys the integrity and newness of the clothing when it is left to wrinkle and get all yucky on the floor.  Who really wants to buy that now?  NOT ME.

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