Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Frisco Riverdogs. The end of an era.

We have been the Frisco Riverdogs for 9 years.  In baseball years......that is about 15 seasons.   There have been a lot of boys that have ran through the team.  All of them have been amazing young men.  All of them have made some sort of contribution.   I can't say enough about how these boys have touched our lives.  Thanks boys for such good memories!

We won several tournaments and seasons of trophies, metals and t-shirts.   None of that really matters because we were friends out there having a good time.

Braden, Hayden, Carson, Connor, Owen,
Neal, Andrew, Jaime, Lee-Man,  WoJo,  Evan, Jake, Jacob, Joshua, Mitch, Jackson, Matthew, Caleb, Keenan, Mark, Clarky, Sam, Spaghetti, Chase,  Oliver,  John Mark, Drew, Terrence, Fletcher,  Joey,  X-Man, and my son, Clay.  Yes, I have forgotten a few names..... Forgive me.

Boys, you are all etched in
my heart.  You are all athletes of the highest
rankings.  Go out & love the sport.   You were all
taught sportsmanship and the love of the game.

A big hug is extended to all our honorary bat-boys...  Diego, Abby,  & Collette.  Geez, you three were mighty cute out there cheering for your big brothers!

Good Friendships were made.  Good times were had by all.


  1. Awww what a great post Ona. It's kinda hard to see this come to an end I know. We had the same thing with Brandon's soccer team. We watched those boys grow up into amazing young men. It was like a family and it was harder on us parents when the time was over for them to be a team anymore. They are still friends though. So glad you guys had this experience and these memories.

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