Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thrifty-ness, the lovely JG, & Vanilla-Bean-Oreo Ice-Cream.

As most of my friends know....  I like to save a buck or two.   My current job allows me to save even more than that.    I can't name location simply because there is a confidentiality clause  I am bound to.  I can, however, claim bragging rights.   Someone needs to do it.

Some recent  finds include........

Juicy Couture Charm Bracelet....  1.49   (EBAY is listing at $50.00)

Brighton Bangle........  1.49        (original price   25.00)

Brighton Votive Candle......  .99       ($24.00 in store)

Kate Spade Sunglasses...   .99     (original price...about 150.00)

Michael W Smith NEW CD......  .99     (original  price...  10.00)

Calphanon NEW non-stick omelet pan....  9.99 (originally $50?)

Super Cute Large Basket...  1.99

Cuisinart Ice-Cream Maker.........    about 1.99   (I had a $20 off coupon)   It was NEW and in the box.
(original price..  79.00 at Williams Sonoma)

Scentsy Christmas plug-in thing...   7.99       (EBAY lists it at $29.00)

Santa Claus  stand-up        3.99        (Kirklands @ $19.00)

Reebok's    12.99 .........  more that $50.
                                                    Cute CZ bangle bracelet.........  .75

                                                    Cute gold & blue long necklace........  1.50

Total Spent........   Less than $50.00

Total Saved.......       I could have spent about $400 on all this stuff.   I wouldn't have.

Now, about that Ice-Cream Maker.......   After using it several times this month, I believe that 
I would consider paying the full retail price.    It came with 2 freezer tubs......totally needed.    I just keep them in the freezer.   That way they are ready to go when the urge to make ice-cream hits. hits my dear husband weekly.     This is a fun kitchen toy.  And it isn't loud like the predecessors are.   NO CRANKING NEEDED!

I was bragging to JG this morning about my new gig.  She was immediately envious of the low stress filled environment and of the sweet things I can find.    We were talking what I have been making with my toy.    Apparently her dear husband, KG, loves cookies & cream ice cream.....  He needs this.

Vanilla-Bean Ice-Cream

2 cups sugar
3 cups half & half
1 vanilla bean scraped  (I have also used plain vanilla.)
1/8 tsp cinnamon

Heat the first 4 together.   Stir a lot.  Have  8  (mixed up) egg yolks handy & at room temp.
Slowly temper a ladle or two of milk stuff into the yolks.   Slowly add them to the milk stuff.

Continue heating until it is thickened.  I use a wooden spoon.  It seems to show the thickening better.
It has been taking about 6-8 minutes.  STIR CONSTANTLY!

Throw out the vanilla bean at this point & pour all that goodness through a fine wire mesh sieve.
Add  3 cups heavy whipping cream and stir gently.  Cool down for a few hours in the refrigerator.

(I thought the sieving was a little weird at first....  just do it.  TRUST ME)

After I ran it through the machine I crushed up a sleeve of Oreos and stirred it together before refreezing.   Wait a couple of hours before eating.  It needs to mesh together in the freezer.   Eat a spoonful..... just for tasting and research.  Hide it from the kids.  Hide it from your husband.  Good luck  JG!

My dear husband also likes it with 3 mushed up bananas stirred into it before refreezing.

***  A friend of mine, MB, found  these super cute quart-sized ice-cream containers at Marshalls & TJ MAXX.  They were 5.99 and made of a really good hard plastic with silicone lid.   ADORABLE!      They were seriously needed and if you are going to make fabulous gourmet ice-cream......  Shouldn't it be served in a fabulous container?   ABSOLUTELY!

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