Sunday, October 5, 2014

Eight Years a Band Mom...3 to go.

This post is intentionally meant for my future use.   I wanted a place to keep all these youtube videos in chronological order for myself to go back and watch in the distant future when band isn't such a major part of my life.   This year begins my 8th year of being a band mom.   I have sat through numerous football games and marching contests during the months of September & October.  Someday I'll do the math there.   It is too overwhelming to think of at this time.  This is a complete you tube collection and fun pictures from all the shows my children have performed in to date.   Enjoy!!

  "The Fox Hunt 2007"   Courtney was playing in the pit during this one.

"The Butterfly Effect 2008"    This year she was on a drum.   I can't remember which one.


This was actually taken at the Lonestar Drumline Classic.

Her Junior year was my absolute favorite show year.  That year they performed "Check Mate" at the State Contest in San Antonio.  She was on the cymbal line.  This was the first year for cymbals at WHS.  She was their section captain!


This particular video is their drumline performance of Checkmate.  She was the White Queen.


The next year in 2010 gave us the privilege of seeing both our girls perform.   Courtney was on a drum again and Meag played clarinet in the show.   It was called "Practice Makes Perfect" and Miss M had the opportunity to be featured as the first performer to make a mistake!

The only picture taken where both girls were in the pic!


The Midas Touch in 2011 was a fun show to watch.  Meag began her band career on the guard her Sophomore year and never looked back!  Watch as King Midas turns the kids all to gold!!!

They were Division AA Champs at BOA this year!

"The Pied Piper 2012".  This show was a fun one to watch.   Near the end of the show many of the performers dive off the back side of the mountain!  She has a featured solo near the middle of the show.

Yes, she nailed that rifle toss!

During the summer of 2013, Meagann had the opportunity to join the Blue Stars for their summer DCI tour.  The show was called Voodoo and overall they had a 6th place finish when the summer ended in Indianapolis.  It was quite the summer for her.    Look up this show on you tube.  

This one is  M's final year at WHS.  She was the Colorguard Captain.  "Freeze Frame 2013" was a beautiful show.  This is the first year that WHS used swing flags with their show.  They were featured with the ballad.  Her friend,  Joye Dewey had the solo dance at the end of the show to "Ice Castles".

8th Grade Night Oct 2013

Winterguard is set to begin soon.  Meag will be performing with an independent guard this fall.  It is called CGT and many of her high school friends will be joining in on the fun.  Here are a couple of her high school shows.

The first one is called Song of the Sirens.  This was performed during the spring of 2010.   She begins the show on the far right side of the floor.


Her final performance with WHS Winterguard in the spring of 2011 featured a show titled "Two by Two.  It was based on the joy that the animals experienced as they emerged from the ark.  Miss M was a giraffe.  Imagine that!


This year is our son's first year at WHS.  He is playing a mellophone during their production of "Venemous".     The Show isn't finish yet and the current videos aren't released for public viewing yet.  Stay Tuned.

          This past weekend they were Division AAA Champs at our local BOA Competition!

(Note...not sure why those youtube links wouldn't post as a video.  There are probably copyrights on them for certain songs.  I just added the web address since I couldn't add the video.)

***So, the WHS ended their Venomous Show at the Semi-Finals round of BOA Nationals in Indianapolis, Indiana at Lucas Oil Stadium.  They placed 15th at the end.  They earned a 5th place in over-all visuals.  Did I mention that they won their division 3A in visuals?  I could't have been prouder.  There were 94 other bands performing from all across the United States.  This was the first time that WHS was able to perform at that show.  

You will have to google this show or look for it on vimeo.  The copyrights have it locked..but it is worth the time to find it!  

Summer 2015 Meagann performed again with the Blue Stars.  The show was entitled "Side Show".   She had an amazing time on Weapon line A.   They earned a performance in the finals but didn't place.  It was a fun one to watch.  

Fall 2015  Wakeland performs "Forever 2015".   We shall see how this one gets finalized.  So far, the props are amazing!


  1. Chandler Griffin (my CG) is torn between being a "cool" football player and doing what he is gifted at playing music. He asked "why do the uniforms have to be so bad?" He might have used the word dorky.

  2. That is a tough decision. My neighbors kid was "football" all his life. This year, he chose band.... simply because the band offered more personally to him. They pursued him and gave him the love & attention that every kid wants. He felt like a part of band & not an outsider on the edge of BENCH. He is loving it......more than I ever would have thought him to do. & YEA, the uniforms take some getting used to. also has girls and long bus rides.!!! (Clay likes that part...!)