Saturday, February 21, 2015

December! January! & WAIT!!!!! Today is February!!! WHAT????

Miss C.G. tied the knot!  She recently married her love.......  Mr. RS   What a day that was!   As if getting married isn't going to fill the calendar......We planned a wedding on top of Christmas & a mini vacation.   Fortunately, I am a bit OCD and over all a decent planner!
Everything went off without a hitch.   Did I also mention I interviewed for a new job 2 days before the wedding?  AM I INSANE??????    Hey, God's timing is not always my timing...but I'll take it.

The Ringbearer just didn't want to hang out in a box.......

The cake looked pretty on that beautiful platter!!!

Something old..  (my pearls) 
Something new... (dress)
Something blue..... (her tongue?)

Baby, is my tie ok?

Look who photobombed the pretty girls?   JESUS!

What a good place for a new life to start!!!

RS entered our lives a few years ago and promptly introduced himself by announcing that he had no intentions of being enrolled  in the "Flavor of the Month Club".   We immediately figured out at that point he was a keeper.

RS will do the family pose now......

Some may call the wedding punch a "punch casserole"  It was easy.  It had a ton of things in it.  It was delicious!!  Anything served with that ladle & punch bowl should be tasty......  And can you believe we found all those cups for virtually about .10 each?  WHAT???????

Since the wedding of the year is over.....Life continued on.  We survived Christmas.  We went to Branson for a few days after that to unwind and find a new kind of normal without the daily excitement of having Miss CG in the house.  WAIT......  She is now MRS. CS!   Gotta remember that one!!!

Hey, kids...gas was $1.89 per gallon at the Racetrack on the day you were married!

I started the new job....actually using my diploma and loving it.   Yep......  I am finally back in the classroom!!!!    Family things occurred and I found myself in the midst of crazy band planning events.    I REALLY NEED A VACATION NOW!!!  

                                             Road trip anyone?  The beach isn't that far....

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