Friday, March 4, 2016

Life Happens...and we go on.

This post is  a difficult one to write.   There are so many words to say and most of them sound meaningless and void.   They may sound trivial to the heartless soul.  They may sound empty to the person who has never experienced this kind of loss.    But it stinks.

He didn't ask anything of me.  He didn't want to be groomed...yet he let me do it.  He didn't ask to have his nails trimmed....yet he survived the experience.    He seriously loved chasing bubbles and flashing lights.   A favorite pastime of his was to get in the car and ride anywhere.  Take him to home depot and his world was complete that day.  Who could forget the disco ball that spun in the tree all summer so that he would just play around outside.   Then, there was the year that  he chased bubbles so much that we purchased an electric bubble machine.  Good times!   He loved to pose for pictures.   He always let me take christmas pictures......the price was cheap.  He worked for cheerios.

My favorite Tramp story happened last fall, 2015.  We sent him to the groomer for a trim.  The groomer was new and interpreted that as meaning...  "buzz him bald".  Tramp laid on the couch for a week and acted embarrassed to go outside.  He looked like a spotted beagle.  His glorious ears were gone!  This was pure humiliation for him.  Poor guy!

Would someone please tell me what happened to my ears?

On Monday, February 29, 2016, we laid him to rest.  Tramp was the perfect pet.  The only thing he had to give was his unconditional love and the ability to snuggle up and he did it without hesitation.  

Tramp was only 6 years old.  Rest in peace big guy!  I know that up there in doggy heaven you are pain free and playing with your friend, Tigger.   

December 2009

December 2010

Christmas 2010



His wingspan before the buzz him bald cut occurred.

Christmas 2015

Last one...  

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