Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Today should be about going to the Thrift Shoppe........

But NO.....  The grocery store is calling my name.   Maybe I will take my camera.....That might add some excitement to the morning.   Maybe I will let the teenager go........we all know that will cost me more.   This blog started this morning as a way to document my life.  A way to prove that I am worth something as a a person........  I am listening to my new favortite song...."Somewhere else"  Toby Keith.   It just makes me happy.


  1. Ona, you are an AWESOME MOM :)

  2. Thanks!!! I want to give my girls something to keep up with wherever they are in life. If they are craving my granola or just wanting to know more about what is going on with the family....... Either way, it is a good distraction and has given me something to focus on for a while. AND..... they can keep up with this a whole lot easier that some of their scrapbooks we have made.!!!