Wednesday, October 12, 2011


 I hate licorice.  I hate root beer.  I hate the taste of wintergreen and spearmint.  I hate profanity.  I hate sorting socks (maybe that is why I prefer wearing flip-flops???)   I hate Subway.  I hate un-necessary laziness.   I hate the smell of sourcrout.   I hate dust-bunnies.  I hate pre-concieved thoughts and emotions.  I hate assumptions.  I hate gossip.  I hate the smell of burnt cheese (cause that is what is going on inside my oven today.)  I really hate rush hour traffic.

Why am I doing this post?  I want to clarify to myself why I am here on this earth.  I am here to be true to my convictions about what is right and wrong.   I am here to give my children a good life filled with a Christ-filled upbringing. I am here to feed my children and  make sure the dog gets fed in the process.  Beyond that..........  let us all just breathe in and out.  AMEN.  Everything else.....just a bonus check.

I love a good penguin................   This guy is at the Ft. Worth Zoo.  He was sitting in the window!!!

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