Sunday, October 16, 2011

Taco Soup.....for you C.G.

Ok, baby...........

Go buy about a pound or two of hamburger meat....Brown it with a onion and a small amount of garlic if you have it.  Otherwise, don't worry.

Drain off all the greasy meat juice.  You can rinse the meat if you have a colander.

Put it back into the large stock pot  (pan).

Add :

2 cans of petite-diced tomatoes
1 can of mild Rotel tomatoes
2 cans of corn or hominy, drained
2 cans of beans.......(either ranch, red kidney or black)
1 small can of diced green chili's
1 can of beef broth

a package of taco seasoning....mild
1 tablespoon of ranch seasoning

Mix it all together and re-heat on low........serve with chips, cheese and sour cream.

*You can also add some water if it gets too thick while it is heating.

Invite over a lot of friends.  This makes a ton.

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  1. my other post disappeared. So I will try again.

    this looks like a good crock pot recipe. I am making it tonight for dinner. Yummy!