Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My son, the URBAN LEGEND.

Our boy child, C.G. is seriously into riding his dirt bike.   He has several posters of dirt bike professionals on ALL the walls of his room.   Obviously, he needed one of himself to add to the collection.    Every 12 year old boy-child needs a big ol' poster of themselves doing something cool.

* 07/24/12  His older sister, C.G. thought she had to have this poster.  She liked the epic sized head of her baby brother.  I processed it at a larger than life size of 20x30.  Yes, she can be disturbing at times.  Yet, we still love her.


  1. That is a cool idea. I need to get one of Hunter skating (yes he still tries to do that) and Jacko golfing. For my CG, hmm, he is going to be playing football this fall for the first time... Photoshop I presume? I miss you too!

  2. it was easy..... I used 3 pictures....now I have to process it.