Monday, July 2, 2012

Redneck or Cajun Sushi... you decide.

This one goes out to my buddy, R.B.   She's my in-bred Cajun friend.  I'm her in-bred RedNeck Gal.   Us white-trash folks like to stick together.  It's like Thelma & Louise...except we've never committed murder nor do we have plans to drive off the side of the Grand Canyon.  I don't get to see her often but when I seems like old times.   Good times!   Now, there are some people in life that you meet that just mesh into your world.  That is R.B.  I honestly haven't known her for that long.  It isn't like she is a high-school or college friend. She was my first friend that I met & liked...when we moved here to the big D.  Sometimes friends come along that just feel right.  She is one of them.  She is the CAJUN.  She moved.  (I am still upset with her about that.)  She is smarter than me and her hubby is my go-to computer geek.  It is nice to have one of those types listed on your contact list isn't it?!!   (Well, I like to let her think she is smarter...)  R.B. needs a boost every now & then...after all, she is married to "The Computer Geek of LaFayette."  Now...enough with the mush.

So here goes what  I have made in honor of her...  Sushi.   Now, everybody knows rednecks & cajuns just don't eat raw fish.  That just ain't right.  Something just ain't natural 'bout that. We hunt, fish, fry, trap, bait, smoke, broil, & boil.  I think that 'bout covers it for us.  I texted her about this post and she snarled and gagged.  Her response alone left me slightly disturbed.  If she ever reads this post.....I might be off her christmas card list.    I am laughing now at the thought of what she will say.  She loves me....  Her children love me.  I will bribe them with ice-cream & cookies someday soon.

This is super easy...that's how us in-bred folks like it.  EASY.

Go grab yo'self a jar of dill pickles.  I bought da ones dat were medium sized.  
Buy yo'self a package of thin sliced ham and a carton of spreadable cream cheese.

Soften the cream cheese up a me here.
Spread some on 2 or three slices of ham and roll 'em around the pickle.
Chill'em for a while and then slice'em.

That's it folks!

ps....please read this blog post in your best southern-redneck-drawl.  It just sounds better that way.

* 7/10/12   I made this tonight again and added a layer of spinach leaves between the ham & cream cheese.   Love it!!!

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  1. Its time for school to start and you to get back to subbing. You are out - of - control! :0) (In a good way of course (kiss kiss)