Monday, July 16, 2012

My weekend project....

My neighbor gave me this.   It was given to her about 15 years ago and wasn't new then.  She said that originally it had a china cabinet thing attached on top.   The hardware is screaming....... "Take me off and throw away IMMEDIATELY!!"  The color is saying......."Please paint me SOON!"  
I sanded...and sanded...and SANDED.
My husband sanded and sanded and sanded.

YES.....Maybe will be ready.

So.....7 dollars invested in a large can of stain and we have this..........

The doors didn't stain well.  We ditched them and decided to add a shelf across the middle. My hubby wanted to add some trim to the shelf so that it looks purposeful.  The stain is called "Ebony" and is a minwax product.  I stained the inside...after I took this picture.  But this picture really shows the difference in color from the original to the "Ebony" stain we added.  After that,  we added what seems like a hundred layers of stain.
And now I give you the finished project...  I absolutely LOVE it!   

An extra big "thank you" goes out to my friends,  D & L.  They are the ones who gave it to us!

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