Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tiger Hates Tramp. The End.

No, that isn't snow coming down.  I just need to clean the window.

Our cat, Tiger, hates Tramp.   They have a relationship similiar to Garfield and Odie.  Tiger lives to make Tramp miserable.  He lives to taunt and ignore.  Tramp just wants to please and be a friend.  Tiger doesn't need friends.  Tiger doesn't want friends.  He is about 16 years old in human years.  That makes him a geriatric patient at the cat hospital.  Tiger, however, has been drinking from the fountain of youth for quite some time now.  He lives life to the fullest.  He goes out nightly in search of his prey.  He frequently brings them home.......for a late night snack.  Our yard is literally pest free.  The neighborhood bunnies, squirrels and mice know that our little postage stamp of a yard contains the scariest cat on the block.  Tiger is about 13 pounds of hair and attitude.  If the truth were known about how many lives he has lived.....He has about 8 more to run with.  


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