Sunday, December 4, 2011

Handmade Poptarts..... Grab the toaster oven now!!

Poptart anyone???

I found the cutest little gadget at my favorite store this summer.  Yep, Williams Sonoma had a sale.  Their pop-tart cutter was marked down to 4.99.  Who am I to argue with a 50% markdown?  Lets just talk about how amazing and deceptively easy to use and whip up a batch.  Don't you think it looks like I spent some serious time here?  Wrong-o my friends!  Well, maybe just a little bit of time.......

The details include.......Make the dough. Yes, I made the dough using a recipe off of the side of the flour bag.   Chill.  Cut. Stuff with jelly. Bake.  Drizzle with pink icing from a can and add some snazzy sprinkles.  YUm...YUM....  C.G. and his buddy, B.M. were loving them in spite of their offensive coloring.

So, I should make more this weekend.........  How does pumpkin sound?   

Now that I look at that picture.....doesn't it look like an ant is on top of the frosting???  EWWW!!!

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