Monday, April 23, 2012

American Patriotism


"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands one nation, under God, one and indivisable."

"Honor the Texas Flag.  I pledge allegiance to thee Texas.  One state under God one and indivisable.

In the Texas Elementary & Middle school  classrooms... students are taught to recite both the Texas pledge and the U.S. pledge.  The children will all stand up and place their hands over their heart.  They will all participate.  (Now there is the typical excuse occasionally using religious reasons...but that is rare.)   In a typical Texas High School classroom...someone comes in over the classroom speaker during the 2nd hour and says the pledges just before the morning announcements.  The class for the most part will stand up.  Some of them will place their hands over their heart.  Others will check their iphone for the latest FB status update.  What has happened in our  high schools?  When did saying the Pledge of Allegience become not cool?  When did social pressure become the popular choice?   Are these kids just too cool to actively participate in something that was hard fought for?  Are these kids too ashamed to make a statement for their country?  Or are they just stupid enough to not know the historical facts? 

Yes, the original battles for our freedom happened over 200 years ago.  Obviously, they don't remember that much about the American Revolution and the hardships our people endured to break away from England.   This saddens me. Surely, they remember the story of Paul Revere?  Maybe the story of why the Pilgrims left England?  Do they even know who is on the face of the quarter in their pocket???  Come on isn't George Clooney.   No, most likely...they just think Thanksgiving is about cooking a turkey and napping the afternoon away.

This saddens me when I know that today we have military battalions in other countries protecting so that others can also have freedom and choice.  Should our education system re-teach patriotism in the High School classes?  Quite possibly.  Maybe these kids just don't have the real facts anymore.....I shall call the facts they have "media propaganda."

Our rights for both political & religious freedoms were won many many years ago kids.........  Whether you call your self a Democrat, Republican, Baptist, Methodist or Athiest...   People died so that you can enjoy your life and have the opportunity for choices.   Don't take anything for granted.  Freedom and Choice are two of the greatest opportunites we have in the United States.

Come on Kids...........  Honor the people who died for you.  Honor your country.  Honor the Flag with some respect for what is symbolizes......  FREEDOM.

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