Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cell Phones and Manners

I am stepping up to my pedestal now and admitting that  I am totally sick of cell phone abuse.  Now, I understand they have their benefits.  I understand that anyone can get in touch with me at any given time which we all know can either be a good thing or a bad thing.   I like that I can easily be found in a given emergency.  I also like the convenience of being  able to quickly send off a message to my family and text a funny picture to someone when I think of them.   They are small little pieces of technology which I am grateful for.   BUT..............

Is there anyone in this world who just misses the simple world we used to have?  Is there anyone who misses a time when we just knew when to be home?  A time when the word "curfew" had meaning.  A time when the car conversation started with words instead of the clicking silence from the back seat.   A few minutes of conversation WITH the kids/teens in the back seat........  wait?  Would someone please remind me of this concept?   Now, I am all about answering a simple text....sometimes that is all you need to say to a friend.  What I have noticed  is full-blown texting conversations to the point of rudeness with the rest of the world.  And seriously, why is talking/texting to the person on the other end more important than the friend right beside you?  Teens, stop trying to bond with the people who aren't by your side.........Take a look and see who came to spend time with you.

I am also sick of walking around the mall and seeing some person in a full conversation...with what looks like themselves!   Is there anyone in this world who hasn't thought..."this person looks crazy!"   Doesn't he have somewhere else to go?  An office?  His car?  Home?  DUDE, STAY AWAY FROM THE MALL!  You aren't nearly as important as you think you are.  I PROMISE!   

Do we really want to listen to his conversation?

So, my challenge to you is TURN IT OFF!  Stop the cell phone abuse.  Do something that requires words with friends in the same room.  Do something as a family.....Dinner and real conversation.  Yes, I know that might sound a little crazy...just try it.  Family Time should be best time of the day.  I promise!  And above all else.....  go to the mall and ignore your phone NOT your friends and family.

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  1. Amen sister. I have often found myself "answering" someone in public only to realize that they were on blue tooth and not even talking to me. I probably shouldn't be talking to strangers anyway, but you know, just trying to be cordial or something.