Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Disease and a Good Reason to Vacation.

Even though the word disease is mighty is the only word  available in my mind.   Every good friend I have knows that I am slightly OCD.   My husband figured this out several years ago when he bought the first quarter collector folder.   Yes, I think all those shiny quarters with the different etchings on the back are pretty cool.  Yes, I am still doing it.  And YES, I am in need of most anything 2009 and later that has been minted in Philadelphia.   Anyone willing to help here???

(btw...this one is really special...I think it was either minted in San Francisco or it is Silver.  Either way...I have 1 of them.)

Later on, he found out that I was quietly stocking scrapbook paper.  Yes, I now have a small store inside my office closet.  Some have called me "A Paper Whore"....   Yes,  L.B.  you know I am talking about you  now.  And Yes, L.B. you have some collective issues too.  So please don't be calling me any names.......!

Most recently,  I found a Yellow Fiesta Ware bowl at the Local Thrift Shop.  (.75 cents!!!)   I am now hooked and in love.   I want one in every color.  I bought a turquoise one at Kohl's a few weeks ago with one of those Kohl's Cash coupons.   They are priced on sale for about 18.00 a piece.  I am now dreaming of those coupons.............  I have a new one that is good for next week!!!   Can you take a guess what I am going to do on Wednesday???  These bowls are perfect for opening a can of green beans  and having it look like I really care about dinner.  We all know that canned green beans just doesn't look too appetizing and need all the help they can get.  I currently own the pale yellow, red, cobalt & turquoise bowls.  I want the grass color....I really need the grass color.  Wait.... I want the orange one too.  I really need the orange one....Anyone?

This brings me to another NEW serious obsession......smashed pennies.  Just do a google search for them.  There is a whole culture of people who travel the world and buy them.  I am not sure just how serious I am about them.......BUT, I do remember as a kid seeing them a few times and thinking my parents wouldn't spring for the coins to buy them.  I was too chicken to ask for 51 cents.   I have always thought of them as cool.  Why???  I am not sure.  That totally brings me back to the OCD issue.  I need something to blame this insanity on.  I don't think I am the type to travel the globe for that specific purpose...but I might drive across town.

Find a Penny. Pick it up and all day you will have good luck.

I think what I am saying is........go on a vacation  and buy your kids some of those smashed elongated pennies...they are super cool, super cheap and have the potential to last longer than a cheap crappy t-shirt.   My bonus idea is.............YOU CAN SELL THEM ON EBAY or at least have something fun to look at while you are remembering some really fun times.  Either are only out 51 cents.

So now...this brings me back to what I need...since I have recently started building this obsession collection.  If any of you are heading out on vacation.....  I have a wish list full of places I have been and would love the corresponding pennies.  Anyone?

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