Saturday, December 8, 2012

Peanut Butter, oh my!

Yea, it is that time of the year again.  Cookie Swap time.  You know it.  You love it.  This year, I went the traditional route.  The basic & boring route.  Honestly speaking, I just didn't want to do a grocery store run..... which I ended up having to anyway when I ran out of flour.  That being said...these guys are a staple.   They taste amazing with a big old glass of milk!

The dough balls can have a fork pressed into them before baking if you feel the desire.  I have been known to dip the fork in sparkling sugar or just a bit of flour.  It really makes them look fun.  This year, I had two bags of Hershey Kisses laying around the bottom of the freezer.  Chocolate & peanut butter....always a good combination.

The recipe card is what I whipped up to take to the swap.  I just couldn't see myself writing down a recipe a dozen times...  Whipping up a template & running to Costco for processing is way more fun!

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