Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Christmas Card.

Ah, the painful process of making teenagers sit still to take a decent picture.  I still have painful memories about the incident of 2011.  This year proved to be just a little better.  
The window of opportunity with a teenager is about as long as a commercial on television.   You better have a good idea of what you want and run with that.  Throw in all three of them, a husband & a dog......count on a complete breakdown before the commercial is over.
 I got pretty lucky with this one shot.  
They were all looking at the camera & smiling.  
The lighting was horrible. 
The colors weren't exciting. 
The location was decent.
The wind wasn't blowing.
It fit into the photoshop template I had.
Black & White.....the only option.

Merry Christmas, Anyway........ From all of us.

The coolest people you know.

outtake pictures..............

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