Sunday, January 1, 2012

About last night......

Last night I was humbled.  We spent the evening at a bowling alley with friends.  We were carrying on a tradition established about 3 years ago.   The crowds have changed over the years.  Our friends, the Mizzell's moved to another state and were sorely missed.....  but mostly it has remained unchanged.  I love the faithfulness and security of friends.  We are so blessed to have this.

I ran into someone at the alley I hadn't seen in several years.  It turns out she has been going to my church for the past year or two and we have completely missed each other at every turn.  She has cancer.  This is her second time with that nasty stuff.   She has been sick for 2 years.  I was both saddened and amazed at her story.  She "wowed" me with her positive attitude.  She has a strong faith and voice that told of God's strength and how she just didn't understand how anyone without faith in God could make it through "having cancer."  She told of the strength she leans on for support minute by minute.  HIS Strength alone.   She left me feeling speechless......and guilty.

I have it all..... or at least I figured out so last night.   This year has given my immediate family considerable losses.   I won't bore any one with those details.   It has been a year complicated by loss, learning and living with a few other bad surprises thrown in for good measure.  It was a typical year for the average American family.  I am blessed.  AMEN.

I vaguely remember a book called.."The Grass is Always Greener on the other Side of the Septic Tank."  I think a book needs to be written named..."The Grass Could be Dead on the Other Side of the Septic Tank.  Go check for yourself, Child."

Next year, I will hang out at the bowling alley again with my BFF's and family  (Lord willing.)  That is something my friend J.C. might not be able to do next year.  All in all...... my personal growth questions for the year are simple.

1.  Have I relied on the Lord for my strength?
2.  Will I do so in the following year?
3.  What will I do in the year 2012 for Him?

Happy New Year New Me 2012!!!!!

p.s.....  I hope this New Year brings you lots of Peace, Love and Laughter.  

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