Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th.....I rambled.

Today was a big day at our house.  (The End.)  Yes, that sounds cryptic, mysterious and intriguing....but that is all I want to say.  Text or call me for more details if you are a curious friend or just curious.  The number is 867-5309.

As I entered into this day, I knew I needed something to kick my mind into thinking and doing.  Therefore, I blogged.  I needed to make some kind of treat for the teens at our church and I really didn't want to run to the grocery store in search of anything.  I don't want to get dressed and wear anything but the flannels until 3:30 this afternoon.....thus I cleaned out the pantry and googled.  I found a box of "confetti cake mix".  (My husband hates cake.  I am still wondering why I bought this box.  Most likely, it was on sale.)

Currently, I am calling this "Cake Mix Brownies".  Yep, that is boring.  If it is any good.....I will consider changing the name.  How does "Party in a Pan" sound?

My puppy licked the egg shells. (Maybe I shouldn't be publicly admitting this???)  Would the health department need to know this?  Oh dear, didn't I send these to church?  It is a good thing that prayer covers all kinds of mistakes.  Will they ever forgive me for letting the dog lick the eggs?  Wait, I should be more concerned about the Lord forgiving me for this mistake.   Oops.....I should stop rambling now.

My cast of characters for the morning event included..............

This was super easy..... melt a stick of butter.  Add it and 2 eggs to the dry cake mix.  
Mash it into a brownie pan.  Mix up the cream cheese & 2 cups of powdered sugar.
Spread that on top.  Bake it for about 30 minutes at 350*.  Cool and Cut.
This stuff was easy.  I think the teens will like it.
I cleaned out my pantry.  It was decent.  It was edible.  It looked pretty.  BAM.  
It might be better with a chocolate mix...What about flavored cream cheese??

p.s...   I found this recipe on the Duncan Hines web page.  

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