Friday, September 14, 2012

First Impressions.....

Those of you whom I consider a friend understand that I really don't care what color your  skin is and nor do I care about your political, relationship, & social status.  I just don't want to have that conversation.  It is also none of my business.  BUT,  please don't get me started on the TAN-OR-EXIC types.  I can't be held accountable for saying just how stupid that is.  Leathered Skin?  Nice!  Paying for skin cancer? Now, that was a good idea.  I promise you won't regret that one someday when they cut you open and remove pieces of your skin & whatever else that is cancerous.  You might enjoy some quality time in a hospital hooked up to a few rounds of chemo.

I do have certain ideas which some may consider "old-fashioned".  But,  in the grand scheme of things.......... I am nice to everyone.  I don't openly advertise my beliefs.  I do that because I am a people pleaser.  I want to be the popular girl sitting in at cafeteria table of life.   Who doesn't??  I just want happiness along the way and my job here on earth isn't to judge.  Most likely, that job would be tedious & boring.  I don't need that either.

WELL.......  today.  Someone came into the shop.  I am now thinking she must have been having a really bad day.  Before I could get a complete sentence out of my mouth.......she was telling me I had a really bad attitude and she wanted someone else to help her.   I was stunned speechless and that doesn't happen often!   I couldn't even try to apologize & make it up to her.  She had pre-determined that I was going to take my supposed bad mood out on her.  How is the best way to respond to someone who has pre-judged you & a particular situation?  My best guess is silence......or a big spoonful of peanut butter.

This has happened one other time and in much the same fashion.   This person...well both persons were of color.   Am I judging here?   I choose to think not.  I pray I won't be judging in the future because of this incident.

I choose strength......after the spoon of peanut butter!

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