Sunday, September 16, 2012

I forgot to pin this one... DANG.

Yes, I am hopelessly addicted to Pinterest.  Who isn't these days?  All the cool people pin things!!!    Don't you think that would make a great t-shirt?  Hello....Mother's Day?  My Birthday???

So, other day while perusing the site, I noticed a lovely little pin about pizza rolls.  It looked cheap and easy.   I am all about those 2 skills and fortunately I took a good look-sy at the picture....because it was gone a minute later.  Yes,  I was saddened, confused & frustrated.  

All you need is a can of crescent rolls, 4 string cheese sticks and a bag of pepperoni.    Sounds easy enough?   I wonder if Lil Miss C.G. could handle these???   Maybe....... I can only cross my fingers and say a prayer  for her.

Roll out the triangles of crescents.  Cut the cheese into halves.  Place 3 pepperoni's on the big end of the triangle and a cheese half on top of them.  Roll up.  I shook some pizza seasoning on top of them.  Bake for about minutes at 375*  (or just bake according to the can directions).  They get all brown and yummo...and smell all pizza-ish.    This makes a great snack for a group of middle-school boys and their adult fathers.

(BTW...  those crescent rolls were generic & maybe a week or 3 out of date.  I am proud to say that no one noticed and all 8 rolls were eaten!)

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