Monday, August 15, 2011

The Bucket List is now global.......

Yes, for those of you who have been suckered into being my friend on might recognize this list.  I felt like it deserved to go global.  I am now inspiring millions world wide (or at least the 11 followers I have)  with a bucket list.  Whoo-Hoo!!   Life is getting good now.  If anyone visiting this blog feels like they are financially able and willing to support a good cause...Please consider my little bucket list.  We could do it together and you can pick up the tab?  Or maybe just find a way to let me meet Pioneer Woman.  Which would be awesome enough and pull me through any immediate crisis.  Thanks and Amen.

Invent something.
Solve world hunger.
Learn to live without chocolate... who am I kidding here?
Watch all the episodes of Smallville in a row.
Watch all the episodes of Grey's Anatomy in a Row.
Run a 1/2 Marathon or at least walk really fast.
Win something really good.
Spend the night on a beach.
Go to Canada...and spend the night at the Ice House B & B!!!!!
Watch the Olympics on Location.
Learn how to dive.  Become and Olympian.
Win a Gold Medal and have the olympic rings tatted on my right shoulder or ankle.
Send out a Christmas Card with Greg & I actually on them with the kids.....
Do family pictures on a beach....hire the photographer.
Attend a Michael W. Smith Christmas Concert.
Meet someone famous and do lunch.
Go back to NYC with my girls.
Read David Letterman's Top Ten List on his live show.
Go on yearly vaca's with my girls (and their daughters too...when they happen)
Go to the beach yearly with J.G. and the girls.
Follow Annie Leibowitz around for a day and watch her work.
Meet Scott Kelby and follow him too.
Skydive (and not die.)
Visit Scotland.
Walk the Great Wall of China.
Work for OPI and name nail polish.
Find a cure for Dry Skin and bad hair days.
Attend a movie premiere and walk the red carpet wearing Vera Wang.
Go to Prince William & Kate's Wedding.  Have them name their firstborn girl after me.
Visit with Nicole & Keith in Australia!  After that, eat dinner with Hugh Jackman and his family.
Spend a month in Italy & Take cooking classes.  Move on to France and do the same.
Visit Vineyards in Italy.
Go to Greece.
Learn how to grill steak and have it be amazing..better than 3Forks.
Be the next Food Network Star.
Meet the Pioneer Woman and become her BFF.
Spend the weekend at her lodge and be mentioned on her blog and cooking show.
Sing Opera with anyone....really embarrass my children.
Drive a corvette  (hey, neighbor D.F.......???)
Walk the Golden Gate Bridge.
Ride StreetCars named "Desire" in  San Francisco
See the giant Redwood trees in California...
Work with a Landscaper designing a yard.
Watch Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade from my hotel balcony.
(CHECK!)  Attend the Superbowl.
Name a Celebrities child............"Pokemon" or "Beevus".
Give all my friends $10,000 for Christmas....expect them to tithe it.
Swim the English Channel.
Co-host Good Morning America with Robin Roberts.
Have a building named after me.
Learn how to play the harmonica
Be an actor on a Tele-Novella Soap Opera
Watch "Wipe-Out" live.......Greg is  doing the stunts.  They will call him "Inspector Gadget"
See my son...C.G. as the next Old Spice commercial guy and have him become famous.
Ride a horse on a beach wearing white.
Find that castle & pond place in Central Park....Watch a movie being filmed there & become famous.
Do a cruise to Alaska with my children.
Feed a whale.
Build an amazing log cabin lodge on the back side of my parents land.
Go there periodically to escape life.
Meet Paula Deen!  Eat Thanksgiving day dinner at her house.
Spend a week in Savannah Georgia.  Eat Lunch at "The Lady & Sons"...Then drive up the coastline.
Run across the swiss alps and pretend I am Julie Andrews while singing "Climb Every mountain!!
Be my own reality show.  (i might be living that one now...)
Be a character in a video game....
Re-invent the wheel.
Re-name my oldest daughter...."Penelope".
Re-name the middle girl-child..." Petunia".
Hit a homerun. 
Go to the towel aisle at Walmart and re-arrange them  R.O.Y. G. B.I.V. style.
Set off all the alarm clocks at Wal-Mart to go off at 3 minute intervals....and watch the chaos.
FInally Figure out Photoshop 100%  (I am getting there.)
Be in Boot-Camp condition....
Go on an African safari.  Take some amazing pictures and have them published in National Geographic.
Be a food photographer for Southern Living.
Be given an Honorary Degree from Harvard and Stanford.
Go on a Zip Line Vacation in South Africa or South America.
(Check!) Vacation in the Hamptons.
Own a house in the Hamptons.
(Check!) Take a Tropical Vacation.   (We have been to Jamaica & the Bahamas.)
Take another Tropical Vacation.
Finish my quarter collection.
Get more of those really-cool pennies on my vacations.
(Check!)  Have a Blog.
Walk through the Bazzill Warehouse and drool at all the cardstock colors.  Own 3 of every color.
See my children graduate from college and grad school.
See my children be successful and happy with their adult lives.
See my children get married.
Spoil their children rotten and send them home.
Take my grandchildren to DisneyWorld without their parents.
Live a long full life for God and see the Love of Christ inside my children & their families.
Die peacefully in my sleep of old age in my home.


  1. I could help you out with a couple of them, just for moral support though. Financially you are on your own :0) I am thinking pictures on the beach and 1/2 marathon are up my alley

  2. What about my vaca in North Carolina that ends up with spending Thanksgiving Day with Paula Deen? Can I count you in for that one?

  3. Wait, that one starts off in SavannaH Georgia...... I must have missed putting in my goal about North Carolina. I must go correct that. hahaha