Saturday, August 27, 2011

Livin' the SFA Way!!!!!!!

This week has been a huge week for our little family.   Our baby girl....the lovely C.G. (who shall be renamed Penelope someday)  packed her bags and left for college.   I know she was ready to leave....but was the big scary world of SFA ready for her.???  I'll let you judge for yourself here.... :)

I think we could have squeezed  a few more things into the grey cave here......maybe more shoes.  BTW.....thanks for the opportunity to get new ones LAWRENCE.  (typically, I like to use initials and protect the reputation of the innocent....not in this case)   I can't wait to see what comes her way on Black Friday.... BABy.....don't forget mommy-dearest loves you and wears a size 9 1/2.

Do you think lil miss C.G. could get more excited?  Doubtful.  But that is her trademark pose.  She can be quite the little goof-ball.  But we do love her any parent would.

Home Sweet Home....for the next few years.

Dorm Sweet Dorm for the next year......This is a freshman only hall. She resides in the right tower on the back side........  It is 10 stories tall and complete with elevators and a matching one on the left side.  FYI.....BOYS LIVE HERE TOO!!!!  :(

She was so excited here....look she is about to wiggle off that bunk.  NICE.
I have some black padded memory boards ready to mount on either side of that Audrey Hepborne poster.  They were incomplete at the time of the move.  I finished them last night....and let me just brag on my crafty self...they do look amazing.  

Good Luck with Life Baby GURLLLL...and always remember to make good choices.  You know mommy and daddy love you always.   Now AX'em Jacks and Live the SFA WAY!!!!!

p.s......  "could you 'pleaseprettyplease' call me occasionally?  XOXOXOXO"

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