Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Remember that pizza/pasta sauce I made a few weeks ago?   Let me introduce you to my new best friend in the kitchen..........  Meet Mr. Calzone Maker!  

I found this guy at Williams-Sonoma a couple of weeks ago and I am smitten with him.   Lets just talk about how easy this is.   In a prior life of mine, I used to make pizza dough with a bread machine.  Yes, it is easy.  Yes, it is cheap.  Yes, it is amazing.  BUT, I am just tired of getting it out.  I am tired of setting it up. NO MORE!   I walked myself into Sam's Club Deli and found that for a mere 16.00  ...(I think).   I am able to purchase a case of pizza dough which contains 25 dough balls.  Nice!  All I do is get a ball out first thing in the morning.  I spray a large plastic bowl with canola or olive oil.  I cover it with plastic and continue with my day.  BAM!  DONE!  You just have to love that. 
BTW>>>>>one dough ball makes about 5 calzones.  Roll them out to about 8 inches.   I also like to shred my  cheese.  It just melts nicer and you can add some variety.  Tonight's mix included 
Jalapeno Havarti,  Mozzarella, Parmesan, and Colby Jack.

I have purchased in the past a large pampered chef jelly roll stone.  I place it in the oven and let it heat with the oven.  Which BTW.....is set at 500'.  Yeah, it does get the kitchen pretty darn hot....but these little babies only cook for about 13 minutes.

Follow the directions on the box....Fill with Cheese, Pepperoni, veggies,  whatever you desire.  A small tablespoon of Ricotta cheese really makes these guys AMAZING.    Brush them with an egg white and shake some italian seasoning on them before you put them into the pan.

The edge on the pan is nice because if the cheese happens to melt out of the calzone......it won't be dripping down into the oven.   Serve with a nice little cup of pasta sauce and a side salad.  Enjoy!

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