Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Yes, this is real.  Yes.... a local establishment.  
No...not where I get my chainsaw repaired.

Enough Said.


  1. that must be where you are known as a regular at the night club then! :0) Where did you get those pics? Too funny. I love crazy signs!

  2. WELL........ the nightclub is actually in Denton on 380. We pass it occasionally. But since I avoid Denton like the plague..... I really need that haircut SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The cemetary sign is in Telluride, Co. We found it last summer.

    I was going through pics for processing for a project I am working on and thought they both deserved a special place for the World to see. YOu know since I have gone GLOBAL with this blog...profits are just rolling in. AHAHAHAHAHAAAA