Monday, August 8, 2011

Sidewalk Eggs....

Today marks the record of 38 days in a row of  100 plus degree weather.  Let me tell longer will I complain of a mere 96".  Let's just say there is a huge difference in the heat.   I love the sun.  I love the heat.  BUT......   this is ridiculous.  We no longer want to do anything around here.   Grilling outside is no longer an option.  Cooking inside isn't a fun option.  We do a lot of cereal and sandwiches now.  I can't keep up with the amount of milk we are going through as a family.  I shop for groceries at night or really early in the morning.  

So I sit around and think of things to do inside.  This afternoon, I cleaned out some cabinets in the kitchen. Tomorrow, I clean out my closet and take kids to the dentist.   I make new playlists for my ipod.  Last week, I cooked eggs outside on the sidewalk.  Seriously, it was disgusting.

Those first three were taken after 3 hours on the sidewalk.
Notice that the yolk is still sort of runny on the inside.  I think it's called "over easy"
The next set of pictures represent 6 hours later.  I think the ants are the only creatures to consider eating these eggs.  Hard-boiled-YUCK!!!

Seriously?  This is all cracked up.  YUcK!

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